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Online Legal Advice and Services - We have already brought online processes and safeguards to allow our professionals and support teams to function safely from our offices and fully online. In light of the Coronavirus developments clients seeking legal advice need to simply complete our online enquiry form or call our switchboard on +44 (0)203 959 9123 who will arrange and appointment via our online platform, WhatsApp, skype or telephone conferencing.

When it comes to making a Will, reviewing an existing Will, preparing a power of attorney or considering our inheritance tax affairs, most of us are guilty of procrastination. There is always something more important to do. From a top London Wills, tax and probate solicitor’s perspective sorting out your financial affairs will give both you and your family piece of mind and so should be on everyone’s list of things to sort out.

To speak to a member of the London based OTS solicitors Wills, tax and probate team please call us on 0203 959 9123 for an initial discussion about how we can help you. If you prefer you can contact us through our online enquiry form.


About OTS Solicitors Wills, tax and probate team

At OTS solicitors we know that it is difficult to prioritise Wills, powers of attorney and inheritance tax matters or to discuss your financial affairs and personal circumstances with a Wills, tax and probate solicitor. When you pick up the phone to speak to OTS Solicitors Wills, tax and probate team you will realise just how approachable our solicitors are, making sure that you receive the best Wills, tax and probate advice from caring and committed Wills, tax and probate specialists at OTS solicitors.


At OTS Solicitors our aims are simple; to understand your needs, provide bespoke Wills and tax advice tailored to your individual financial and personal circumstances and guide you through your estate planning options.


How OTS Solicitors Wills, tax and probate team can help you

OTS Solicitors Wills, tax and probate team can help you with:

  • Preparation of a Will;

  • Reviewing your existing Will and, if necessary, preparing a new Will or a codicil to your existing Will;

  • Advising you about the need to review your financial affairs and estate planning in the event of a separation or divorce and explaining the effect of a decree absolute of divorce on any existing Will;

  • Advising you about the need to make a Will or review your existing Will to make sure that the Will is consistent with the terms of any financial court order made within divorce proceedings or is consistent with any agreement recorded about provision from your estate in any prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement or, if you are a business owner, that the Will is consistent with any shareholder agreement and is tax efficient,

  • If you have children, advising you on the option of appointing testamentary guardians in your Will and the creation of trusts in your Will to safeguard your children’s interests;

  • Advising you on the creation of trusts in your Will and the preparation of a letter of wishes;

  • Advising you about the impact of owning property jointly with another person as joint tenants for estate planning purposes;

  • Looking at inheritance tax planning as part of your estate planning and Will preparation or as a separate piece of advice, for example, if you are contemplating making a lifetime gift or loan to a family member;

  • Advising on the creation of lifetime trusts;

  • Preparing a power of attorney to cover your financial affairs in the event you lose capacity to make your own financial decisions;

  • Preparing a power of attorney to cover your health and welfare affairs in the event you lose capacity to make your own health and welfare decisions;

  • Reviewing powers of attorney and advising on whether powers of attorney should be changed, for example to change the identity of an attorney after a relationship breakdown or divorce;

  • Handling the probate and administration of an estate, either in accordance with the terms of the Will or, if the loved one passed away without making a Will, in accordance with UK intestacy laws;

  • Advising the trustees and executors of the Will if the Will is challenged or if a claimant makes a claim against the estate.


Why choose OTS Solicitors as your London Wills, tax and probate solicitor?

When it comes to Wills, tax and estate planning there are so many options. Many of the options can save your estate and loved ones’ money and, as importantly, give both you and your family peace of mind, knowing that you have thought about your family and loved one’s future financial security.


At OTS solicitors we think that Wills, tax and probate law clients need and deserve:

  • The best Wills, tax and probate solicitors advice to protect and safeguard the family;

  • Proactive Wills, tax and probate solicitors;

  • A Wills, tax and probate solicitor who will listen carefully to what you say about your financial affairs and family circumstances to find the best options to suit your estate planning needs;

  • Solicitors who are experts in Wills, tax and probate matters and who can access expert corporate and family and divorce law solicitors for seamless advice if you want to combine estate planning with corporate or family law paperwork, such as the preparation of a shareholder agreement or the signing of a prenuptial agreement on behalf of a family member in conjunction with lifetime gifting on your part;

  • A Wills, tax and probate solicitor who will take the time to explain the often-complex concepts involved in estate planning, such as discretionary trusts or how inheritance tax may affect your estate or the roles of executors, trustees or guardians appointed in your Will;

  • Solicitors who provide bespoke advice and Wills and estate planning advice that meet individual client’s needs;

  • A Wills, tax and probate solicitor who will clearly explain the legal costs involved in the preparation of a Will, the creation of a power of attorney or the administration of an estate;

  • A solicitor who will act as a trusted advisor, explaining your estate planning options after listening to your needs.


OTS Wills, tax and probate solicitors 

For expert legal advice on UK Wills, tax and probate law, contact OTS London Wills, tax and probate solicitors today for an informal chat on how OTS Solicitors Wills, tax and probate team can help you. Call us on 0203 959 9123 and let us help you.    

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