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Domestic Violence

Message from our Managing Partner, Mr Oshin Shahiean:

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If you or a member of your family is experiencing domestic violence then you need help. One source of help is a specialist family law solicitor who can talk to you and advise you about your options and what solution best meets your personal and family circumstances.

Domestic violence solicitors

To speak to a caring and supportive domestic violence law and family solicitor at London based OTS Solicitors please call us on 0203 959 9123 to discuss how we can help you. Alternatively, you can confidentially contact us using our online enquiry form.


Contacting OTS Solicitors does not commit you to separating from your partner, to applying for a non-molestation order, securing an occupation injunction or to taking any other specific action. Our friendly and approachable team of family law solicitors offer expert legal advice to help you find the best solution that works for you and your family and will support you in making that decision.


Talking about domestic violence

People often worry about speaking to a family law solicitor about domestic violence. That can be down to embarrassment that they or a member of their family are experiencing domestic violence. Alternatively, it can be because they fear the reaction of the person who is committing the domestic violence. Embarrassment can also come from malicious allegations being made against you and a worry about losing face at home, at work or with friends.  


Family lawyers are clear that no-one, male or female or from any community or background, should ever be embarrassed to talk to a family law solicitor about domestic violence.  


What is domestic violence?  

There are people who still think that domestic violence is a part of family life. There are others who think domestic violence means physical assaults of sufficient severity that they require hospitalisation. Those views are incorrect.


Domestic violence or domestic abuse can take many forms. It can take place against women, men and children. Some forms of domestic violence are more openly recognised than others but domestic violence includes:

  • Physical and sexual abuse – The assault does not have to be sufficiently violent to require medical treatment to amount to domestic abuse. Any type of assault, from pushing, slapping, punching or any unwanted sexual contact, is domestic abuse; or

  • Stalking or harassment - This type of domestic abuse can take many forms, from following or tracking a partner, telephoning them or contacting their family or employer; or

  • Online or digital abuse - Digital abuse is becoming more prevalent as former partners, in what are referred to as “revenge attacks”, post messages or images on-line; or

  • Psychological or mental abuse – Mental or emotional abuse can take place in a relationship without the abuse being recognised by the person experiencing it for what it is; domestic abuse. That is because mental abuse can be subtle and can wear you down so you think the behaviour is normal. Emotional or mental abuse can range from being constantly told that you are stupid to extreme psychological abuse; or

  • Coercion and control – Coercion and control of a partner has only relatively recently been recognised a form of domestic abuse. Coercive control is defined as a pattern of intimidation, degradation, isolation and control with the use or threat of physical or sexual violence. The control can include financial or economic abuse. There are many different examples of coercion and control; from not allowing a spouse to work or visit family members or have access to money, or monitoring phone usage.


Whatever the form of domestic violence you are experiencing there is help available from OTS Solicitors family law team.


Domestic violence help

Domestic violence and family law solicitors can help by:

  • Assisting you to access support to come to terms with the abuse you have suffered and by providing details of organisations that can support you;

  • Advising you on the option of applying to court for an injunction order. The injunction order could be a non-molestation order or an occupation order. A non-molestation order is designed to protect from domestic abuse. An occupation order is designed to let you occupy the family home safely whilst long term decisions are made about what should happen with the family home;

  • Advising you on separating from your partner and, if appropriate, starting divorce proceedings;

  • Securing a child arrangements order for your children. Orders can be made on an urgent basis if there are concerns for a child’s safety. A child arrangements order settles where a child should live and the amount of contact they should have with the other parent. In domestic violence situations, the court can order no contact if there are child safety concerns or can order that contact is supervised or takes place at a contact centre;

  • Advising you about the short term and long term financial implications of a separation and giving you information about child support, temporary spousal maintenance (called maintenance pending suit) property and pension claims and how to best secure a financial settlement that meets the needs of your family;

  • If you are living in the UK on a family visa and are worried about the impact of a separation on your immigration status, then specialist immigration solicitors can help you to look at your best visa options and assist you with an application to the Home Office. Many people fear separation from a partner who is subjecting them to domestic violence because of their concerns about the impact of splitting from their partner on their immigration status or their partner’s immigration status. There is specialist immigration legal advice available to talk to you about visa options.


In addition to legal advice and support there are many people and organizations who can help support you and your family, such as:  

  • Counselling services;

  • Your doctor;

  • Specialist police domestic violence units;

  • Local authority support services;

  • Specialist domestic violence helplines. 


Getting help to overcome domestic violence is not easy as it takes courage to speak out and to get help. If you choose to speak to a family law solicitor then they will support you to make the best decisions for you and your family, whether that is an injunction application or applying to court for a child arrangements order or starting divorce proceedings. 


Domestic violence solicitors

To speak to a caring and supportive domestic violence law and family solicitor at London based OTS Solicitors call 0203 959 9123 to discuss how we can help you take steps to protect you and your family. Alternatively you can contact us confidentially using our online enquiry form.
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