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Online Legal Advice and Services - We have already brought online processes and safeguards to allow our professionals and support teams to function safely from our offices and fully online. In light of the Coronavirus developments clients seeking legal advice need to simply complete our online enquiry form or call our switchboard on +44 (0)203 959 9123 who will arrange and appointment via our online platform, WhatsApp, skype or telephone conferencing.

Our team of family solicitors in London are dedicated to providing the best family law services in the UK.

If you are thinking about separating from your cohabitee or your unmarried partner and need expert family law advice on:

  • Sorting out custody and childcare arrangements; or

  • Resolving property and financial claims; or

  • Child support claims; or

  • Domestic violence and injunction orders

Then you need the best family law advice from caring and committed London family solicitors.


To speak to family solicitor, Behzad Sharmin or to a member of the London based OTS Solicitors family law team please call us on 0203 959 9123 for an initial discussion about how we can help you. If you prefer you can contact us through our online enquiry form.


About Behzad Sharmin

At OTS Solicitors we know how difficult it can be to make the decision to separate and how intimidating it can be to call a London family law solicitor about your separation, children or financial affairs.


When you speak to family law solicitor, Behzad Sharmin, you will get professional family law advice delivered in an approachable and sympathetic manner by the team of caring family law specialists at OTS Solicitors. Our mission is simple; to listen to find out how we can help you, to provide bespoke family law advice tailored to your family circumstances, to help you understand your legal options and make the choice that is right for you and your family.  


Behzad Sharmin and the family law team can help you with:

  • Resolving the arrangements for your children; and

  • Securing custody, access, residence and contact orders (now known as child arrangement orders); and

  • Supporting you through mediation; and

  • Sorting out the division of your assets and property; and

  • Obtaining property court orders; and

  • Applying for injunction orders.       


Why choose OTS Solicitors for your separation

If you are separated from your former cohabitee or are thinking about separating and want to know your legal rights, then if you call OTS Solicitors you can expect:

  • A family solicitor who is professional but approachable;

  • A family solicitor who will listen to you and what you need without making judgements about you and your family;

  • A family solicitor who will spend time with you to explain your legal rights and options and help you make the decision about which option works for you and your family;

  • A family solicitor who will explain things clearly, without using lots of unnecessary legal jargon;

  • A family solicitor who will  explain the legal costs involved in sorting out children or property matters, applying for an injunction order or receiving legal support through the mediation process;

  • A family solicitor who can make sure that you and your family get the help you need; whether that is with a referral for mediation, help with resolving immigration issues because of your separation, or help in finding an expert in complicated property or children court proceedings.


Family Law advice services

At OTS Solicitors, our committed and caring team of London children and family solicitors can help you:

  • Negotiate and agree on property and financial claims between cohabiting couples and unmarried partners;

  • Record your property and financial agreement in a formal document called a separation agreement;

  • Represent you in property court proceedings if you cannot agree on whether a jointly owned family home should be sold and how much you and your ex-partner should receive from the sale proceeds;

  • Represent you in property court proceedings if you or your ex-partner is making a claim for a beneficial interest in a property owned in the sole name of you or your ex-partner;

  • Apply to court if you have a dependent child for orders to help meet the child’s housing needs;  

  • Apply to the child maintenance service or the court for child support for your children – normally the child maintenance service has jurisdiction to determine child support but some applications have to be made to a family court, for example, an application to court  for top up child support or payment of school fees orders or child maintenance for a step-child;

  • If you or your children are experiencing domestic violence applying to the court for a non-molestation injunction order to stop further harassment or assaults and, if appropriate, an ouster injunction order to exclude an ex-partner from the family home;

  • Representation in injunction court proceedings If you are facing a court application to oust or exclude you from a property that you live at with your partner; 

  • Negotiate and agree child care arrangements for your children including custody and access arrangements;

  • Prepare parental responsibility agreements to enable a father to obtain parental responsibility for his child or applying to court for a parental responsibility order;

  • Representation in court proceedings for custody, access, residence, contact and child arrangement orders;

  • Provide mediation support to guide you through your financial and/or children mediation sessions and to then help you convert your memorandum of understanding into a binding court order;

  • Support from specialist London Will solicitors at OTS Solicitors to prepare a new Will or a new power of attorney after your separation;  

  • Support from specialist London immigration solicitors at OTS Solicitors in resolving immigration issues arising as a result of your separation, or new family circumstances, such as:

    • Applying for indefinite leave to remain for domestic violence victims;

    • Making applications under article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights matters, including obtaining a grant of discretionary leave for migrants who are involved in family law court proceedings;  

    • Securing mirror orders after a court in a foreign jurisdiction has said that a UK mirror order should be obtained;


OTS family law solicitors 

For caring and compassionate family law advice, contact OTS expert London family solicitors today for an informal chat on how London family solicitor, Behzad Sharmin, and the family law team at OTS Solicitors can help you. Call us on 0203 959 9123 and let us help you.  Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form.  
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