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Message from our Managing Partner, Mr Oshin Shahiean:

Online Legal Advice and Services - We have already brought online processes and safeguards to allow our professionals and support teams to function safely from our offices and fully online. In light of the Coronavirus developments clients seeking legal advice need to simply complete our online enquiry form or call our switchboard on +44 (0)203 959 9123 who will arrange and appointment via our online platform, WhatsApp, skype or telephone conferencing.

​​​​​​​It is never too early to speak to a divorce expert who can guide you on your options, from reconciliation, to separation agreement, to divorce proceedings and financial court orders.

To speak to a member of the London based OTS Solicitors divorce and financial settlement team, please call us on 0203 959 9123 for an initial discussion about how we can help you. If you prefer, you can contact us through our online enquiry form.


About OTS Solicitors and divorce solicitor, Behzad Sharmin

At OTS Solicitors, we know that it is hard to pick up the phone and tell a family solicitor about the breakdown of your relationship and the details of your financial affairs. When you speak to divorce and financial settlement solicitor, Behzad Sharmin, she will put you at your ease with friendly professional divorce and financial settlement advice.


Behzad Sharmin heads our team of caring and committed divorce and family law specialists at OTS Solicitors. Our goal is simple:

  • To understand what you want to achieve in your financial settlement;

  • Gather and assess the financial information;

  • Provide bespoke financial settlement advice;

  • Guide you through your financial settlement options.


Behzad Sharmin and the team will help you navigate through the divorce and financial settlement process and help with:

  • Negotiating a financial settlement and, if appropriate, either prepare a formal document called a separation agreement or a binding financial court order and submit it to family court for approval;

  • Advising you on what financial paperwork you and your ex-spouse will need to provide during negotiations, mediation sessions or the financial settlement court process. Our experts will also explain what additional financial disclosure or valuations may be called for;

  • Representing you in financial court proceedings for claims for spousal maintenance, property orders (including the sale or transfer of the family home), cash or lump sum orders, orders relating to  businesses or pensions or trust assets;

  • Representing intervenors in financial settlement court proceedings. Intervenors are people claiming an interest in a family asset, for example the parent of a husband or wife could allege that the house deposit they provided was a loan and not a gift or gives them a beneficial interest in the property;

  • Advising on court applications to vary an existing financial court order to seek a reduction or increase in spousal maintenance payments or the capitalisation or termination of a spousal maintenance order;

  • Providing legal support before and after financial mediation sessions and converting any agreement reached in mediation (called a “memorandum of understanding”) into a binding financial court order;

  • Applying to court to enforce a financial court order if the court order has not been complied with.  


Why choose OTS Solicitors for your financial settlement

OTS Solicitors think that those going through a divorce and sorting out a financial settlement need and deserve a divorce and financial settlement solicitor who:

  • Will listen to what you want; if you do not want to go to court or to get a formal valuation of a property or you want to pursue financial disclosure, we will listen to you;

  • Understand the need to carefully review a spouse’s financial disclosure paperwork to look for hidden assets, bank accounts, foreign property or wealth;

  • Will advise you on the complexities and interplay between child support and spousal maintenance and what a “clean break” really means as well as “reality test” any financial settlement ideas;

  • Will take the time to explain the financial settlement options including court orders such as pension sharing orders, lifetime spousal maintenance, capitalisation of spousal maintenance payments and global spousal maintenance orders as well as the complicated rules on financial disclosure within financial court proceedings;

  • Will not tell you what you must do but instead will explain your financial settlement options. It is rare for there to only be one option on how to divide property, pensions and other assets on divorce. We will explain the pros and cons of your various options and help you make the right decision for you and your family;

  • Clearly explain the legal costs involved in negotiating a financial settlement or applying to court for a financial court order;

  • Will make sure that you get all the help you need; for example help in finding the right forensic accountant, financial advisor, pension actuary, barrister or surveyor to help you sort out a fair distribution of your family wealth;

  • Will help you prepare a new Will to reflect the change in your family circumstances after your separation or divorce and financial settlement.


Financial settlement advice services  

At OTS Solicitors our dedicated team of London divorce and family solicitors know that unravelling your financial affairs after a marriage, of whatever length, can seem overwhelming. The thought of having to ask a family judge to decide:

  • Whether the family home should be sold, and if so, how the proceeds of sale should be split;

  • Whether spousal maintenance should be paid and for how long;

  • Whether the family business should be sold or shares in the company be transferred to one spouse;

  • Whether pensions should be shared and, if so, whether a fifty percent division of the cash equivalent transfer value of the pensions will result in equality of pension income on retirement for the husband and wife;

  • The relevance of any family gifts or inheritances received by one spouse during the marriage;

  • The extent to which the financial settlement should be based on the contents of any prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement;

  • The enforceability of any financial court order, for example if a spouse lives overseas or holds assets or property abroad


can be very intimidating, even if you are used to actively managing your financial affairs. That is why you need a divorce and financial settlement solicitor on your side to guide you through your options and ensure that you receive a fair financial settlement.


OTS divorce and financial settlement solicitors

For caring and compassionate expert legal advice on UK divorce and financial settlement on divorce, contact OTS London divorce and financial settlement solicitors today for an informal chat on how London divorce solicitor, Behzad Sharmin and the divorce and financial settlement team can help you. Call us on 0203 959 9123 and let us help you or contact us using our online enquiry form.    
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