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Children's Law

Message from our Managing Partner, Mr Oshin Shahiean:

Online Legal Advice and Services - We have already brought online processes and safeguards to allow our professionals and support teams to function safely from our offices and fully online. In light of the Coronavirus developments clients seeking legal advice need to simply complete our online enquiry form or call our switchboard on +44 (0)203 959 9123 who will arrange and appointment via our online platform, WhatsApp, skype or telephone conferencing.

If you are worried about the impact of your separation or divorce on your children then you need expert legal advice on your options.

Concerns about children come in many different forms. From fears about the custody or contact arrangements for your children, worries that your ex-partner may take your children abroad or you may just want to know where you stand legally if your ex-partner does not bring the children back home on time. Whatever your worry, you need the best children law team on your side from dedicated London children law solicitors.


To speak to Behzad Sharmin or to a member of the London based OTS Solicitors children law team please call us on 0203 959 9123 for a discussion about how OTS Solicitors can help you or contact us through our online enquiry form.

About Behzad Sharmin

At OTS Solicitors, we know that it is hard to talk to a stranger about your hopes and fears for your children. When you pick up the phone to talk to children solicitor, Behzad Sharmin, you will quickly find that she will listen to you and work out your options, giving you the assurance that there is accessible, expert legal advice to help you find a solution that works for you and your family.


Behzad heads our team of children and family law specialists at OTS Solicitors. The goal of OTS Solicitors is pretty simple; to understand your legal problem, provide expert children law advice tailored to your individual family circumstances and help you find solutions that meet your child’s needs.


Behzad and her team will guide you through the complex area of children law and help you:

  • Sort out the custody arrangements for your children;

  • Reach an agreement or secure a child arrangements order for access to your children;

  • Provide legal support during family mediation; 

  • Advise you on whether you need permission to take your children abroad to live; and 

  • Secure adoption or parental orders.       


Why choose OTS Solicitors to resolve your children and custody law concern?

Your children are precious. Nothing else matters more to you. OTS Solicitors get that. In practical terms that means if you have a legal concern about your children and you need expert children advice from a top London children solicitor then OTS Solicitors will:

  • Listen to your worries and not judge you or your children;

  • Explain your options including negotiations, meetings, mediation, arbitration and court proceedings;

  • Not assume that a solicitor knows what is best for you or your child. We will explain your legal options and guide you into making the right decision for you and your children;

  • Not bombard you with legal terms and case law but explain simply and clearly what you need to know to make decisions;

  • Explain the legal costs involved in sorting out childcare arrangements, being represented in children law court applications or appealing against a court decision;

  • Ensure that you get the help you need. That may be with a referral to a family counsellor, help with securing a child arrangements order to meet Home Office immigration requirements if one parent is not a British citizen or support in finding a social worker to carry out an adoption report.


OTS Solicitors children law services  

OTS Solicitors expert team of London children and family solicitors can help you by:

  • Reaching an agreement on child care arrangements for your children including custody and access;

  • Preparing a parental responsibility agreement or applying for a parental responsibility  order;

  • Representing you in court proceedings for custody and child arrangement orders settling with which parent the children should live;

  • Representing you in court proceedings for access, contact and child arrangements orders to say how much time children with each parent; 

  • Applying to court for permission for you to take your children abroad to live or opposing an application for removal of a child from the UK;

  • If permission is required, negotiating agreement for you to take your children abroad on holiday or securing a holiday court order;

  • If there are concerns over child abduction, or other issues, applying for, or opposing an  application for a specific issue or a prohibited steps order;

  • Helping grandparents, step-parents and family members secure contact with children or opposing court applications;

  • Varying child arrangements orders if personal circumstances or your child’s needs have changed since the making of the childcare agreement or child arrangements order. For example, contact time may need to be reconsidered because of the impracticalities of mid-week contact after a house move;

  • Providing legal advice and mediation support to help you convert your memorandum of understanding into a binding child arrangements order;

  • Helping you make an application for child support, to appeal against a child maintenance service assessment or applying to court for child maintenance, top up child support or private school fees orders;

  • Negotiating child care agreements either as stand-alone documents or as part of your:

    • Separation agreement;

    • Cohabitation agreement;

    • Same sex partnership agreement;

    • Prenuptial agreement;

    • Postnuptial agreement.

  • Ouster and non-molestation injunction orders to protect your family from domestic violence or harassment;

  • Support from specialist Will solicitors to prepare a new Will after a separation or divorce  to ensure your children are protected through the appointment of testamentary guardians or the creation of trusts;  

  • Advice from expert immigration solicitors to resolve children law related immigration issues arising because of separation, divorce or family circumstances, such as applying for:

    • Retained rights of residence for an EEA national after a divorce;

    • Child arrangements orders to assist migrants applying for leave to remain or who require contact orders to help secure entry into the UK to visit their children;

    • Indefinite leave to remain for domestic violence victims;

    • Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights claims, including grants of discretionary leave for migrants who are involved in family court proceedings;  

    • Mirror orders after an overseas court says a UK children law mirror order should be obtained;

    • UK adoption or surrogacy parental orders after a foreign adoption order or surrogacy arrangement has taken place and advising on immigration and entry issues.


OTS children solicitors 

For caring and accessible expert legal advice on UK children and family law, contact OTS Solicitors today for an informal chat on how London children solicitor, Behzad Sharmin, and the dedicated children law team can help you. Call us on 0203 959 9123 and let us help you.    
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